Therese coffey

Watch: Dr Dre interrupts Coffey’s first interview

Therese Coffey is a well-known music lover. When she’s not reciting prayers for Queen and country, she’s enlivening the corridors of parliament with her karaoke singing. But this morning the newly appointed Health Secretary suffered a moment of slight embarrassment after her ring tone went off in her first broadcast interview on LBC. Interviewer Nick Ferrari is used to his guests practicing all kinds of trick to evade questioning when they enter his studios but even he can’t have been prepared for the lyrical offerings of Dr Dre at 8:00 a.m. Coffey explained it was her ring tone for an alarm that she had forgot to switch off. He shot

Is Coffey good for health?

Even though Liz Truss won’t start forming her government until after she has seen the Queen at Balmoral, many of the top roles are already nailed down. The latest dead cert is Thérèse Coffey, who will be Health Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister. The seniority of this role tells us a number of things. One is that Truss wants her strongest supporters close to her. Not only was Coffey pro-Truss from the outset, she is also one of her closest friends in politics. Linking the deputy and health jobs also signals that the new Prime Minister is taking the NHS backlog seriously. It would be a bizarre choice for a

Ministers have the ‘time of their lives’ at karaoke

New York may have the Met Gala but London has Parlioke. As global fashionistas last night crammed into their garish garbs, here in Westminster our political masters were having an evening soirée of their own.  Steerpike’s man with a microphone reports that MPs were invited to a select singing bash. Ahead of her speech today at Policy Exchange, international trade secretary Liz Truss warmed up her vocal cords with a touch of karaoke. The equalities minister hosted MPs in Parliament alongside fellow Cabinet attendee Therese Coffey, fresh off a morning media round on Universal Credit cuts.  Coffey and others let their hair down with a range of vintage songs including

‘That’s insulting’: Therese Coffey walks out of Piers Morgan interview

It wasn’t long ago that the government was staging a boycott of Piers Morgan’s breakfast show. Now, Tory ministers are back on the show. But it’s safe to say there is still no love lost between those speaking on behalf of the government and Morgan. This morning, it was Therese Coffey’s turn to appear on Good Morning Britain.  Morgan quizzed Coffey on why Britain had one of the highest Covid death rates in the world. Coffey responded by saying there were plenty of reasons, including, possibly, the age of our population and Britain’s obesity problem. Morgan then asked Coffey whether she was blaming Brits for our country’s Covid crisis.  ‘I think