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A new industrial revolution

bluebird bio is aiming to be one of the first companies to launch a gene therapy in the UK. Often mistakenly seen as a treatment of the future, gene therapy has come of age, primed and ready to go with bluebird bio a leader in the field. Gene therapy’s arrival on the scene is very

How gene therapy works

Gene therapy aims to repair, replace or add functional genes in individuals suffering from specific genetic diseases Gene therapy has traditionally been in the form of ‘gene addition’ which commonly utilises a ‘viral vector’ to introduce functional genes into the cells of eligible patients [1]. Other types of gene therapies developed more recently include the

How can the NHS speed up adoption of new technologies?

The treatments provided by the National Health Service of 2020 would seem alien to the Nye Bevan of 1948, although the key principle of free healthcare to all at point of need remains intact. It is tempting to believe that the latest advances in technology are revolutionising healthcare both in the UK and around the

Are ministers right to back gene therapy?

It isn’t for government to ‘pick winners’, according to the ruling philosophy of Conservative industrial policy over the past three decades. Yet ministers have made an exception in the field of gene therapy. Three years ago, the government’s Life Sciences: Industrial Strategy identified it as an area in which public investment might reap rich rewards

Kate Andrews

Will the pandemic put gene therapy advancement at risk?

When Boris Johnson delivered his first speech as Prime Minister on the steps of Downing Street, we were living in a different world: Brexit and a looming general election were the issues of the day, and a pandemic that would come to dominate every aspect of public policy was still six months off our radar.