To 2266: 587

Associations with adjectives are ALL RIGHT (16), BRIGHT LIGHTS (40), BEAUTIFUL DREAMER (31), GREAT DANE (42), and SMALL BEER (4).  The hymn, by MRS C.F. ALEXANDER (28, 18) is number 587 in the English Hymnal.   First prize Frank Anstis, Truro, Cornwall Runners-up Dr John Stabler, North Creake, Norfolk; R.B. Briercliffe, Onchan, Isle of Man

2263: Hurry

Each of twelve clues contains a misprinted letter in the definition part. Corrections of misprints spell a four-word phrase forming an indication of the unclued lights in each of four columns in the grid. Ignore an accent in one unclued light. Across 1    Tremulous nut faced by snake (5) 4    Photograph taker’s last

To 2260: B & B

BUTTONS AND BOWS (1A) is a song in the film THE PALEFACE (10), sung by BOB HOPE (27). Other unclued lights are buttons (7, 12, 31) and bows (16, 39, 40). First prize John Nutkins, Twickenham, London Runners-up Paul Machin, London N11; Elizabeth Feinberg, Carlsbad, California

2260: B & B

One clue lacks a definition part; its answer is a film title. One unclued light (three words) is the title of a song in the film, and one unclued light (two words) is the name of its singer. The first word of the song’s title defines three unclued lights, and its third word defines three

2257: A spree | 12 May 2016

SHAKESPEARE — indicating the action required to create 9, 11, 32, 18 plus 24, and the puzzle’s title — is the name of Matthew Arnold’s poem from which the perimeter quotation is taken. First prize Peter Wilson, Kettering, Northants Runners-up Miriam Moran, Pangbourne, Berks; John Light, Addlestone, Surrey

2257: A spree

An excerpt from a poem (-eleven words, one hyphened, in ODQ) reads clockwise in the perimeter from the top left corner. Each of four clues contains a superfluous word; these words combine to give the poet’s name. The poem’s title, which is concealed in the grid and must be highlighted, indicates the action required to

To 2254: Ecofriendly

To create entries at 5, 9, 20, 29D and 41, answers to clues in italics become TREE-HUGGERS (15), embracing sallow, fig, argan, oak and dita. Definitions of the entries are 16, 12, 8A, 3 and 35. First prize Gerry Fairweather, Layer Marney, Essex Runners-up Lewis Corner, South Fremantle, Western Australia; C. & A. Snelson, Middlesmoor,

2254: Ecofriendly

Answers to clues in italics must become 15 (hyphened) to create grid entries. Definitions of these entries are supplied by unclued lights, one of which consists of two words. Elsewhere ignore two accents.   Across   1    Convince court without question, wearing dark blue (8) 11    Endless praise in resort prepared for sharks

To 2251: Animal track

WILD HORSES, the title of a track on STICKY FINGERS (1D) by the ROLLING STONES (12), defines the other unclued lights. First prize C.G. Millin, Ramleaze, Wilts Runners-up John Angel, Woodbridge, Suffolk; J. Anson, London SE5

2251: Animal track

In eight clues, cryptic indications omit reference to parts of answers; these parts must be highlighted, to reveal the title (two words) of a track on 1D (two words) by the 12 (two words). The title in question defines the other unclued lights.   Across   1    Drain ground in place behind square architectural

To 2248: In the stars

The starred words in the clues are EYE, RAIL, SAGE, SNAP, TRAP, HIDE, NUTS, GUN, EE. They combine with nine of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, the others appearing at 26D and 38A. The Chinese New Year began on 8 February. First prize R.N. Robinson, Sheffield Runners-up Sue Topham, Elston, Notts; Barry Butler,

2245: Fair and square

Each of eleven clues contains a misprinted letter in the definition part. Corrections of misprints spell the source (three words) of a message reported by a 23 whose surname is an unclued light. The message in question (eighteen words, in ODQ) occupies the perimeter – reading clockwise from the top left corner – and two

To 2242: Defeated

Each partial answer indicated by a clue in italics is KNOCKED INTO A COCKED HAT (5 39). Resulting entries at 1D, 4. 25 and 30 (in which the hats are lum, terai, lid and tile) are defined by 3, 24, 11 and 32. First prize Peter Wood, Heanor, Derbyshire Runners-up P. Taylor-Mansfield, Worcester; John Light,

2242: Defeated

Clues in italics are cryptic indications of partial answers. In each case, the indicated part must be 5 39 (five words in all) to create the full answer to be entered in the grid. Definitions of the resulting entries are supplied by unclued lights.   Across   1    Film second struggle (5) 6   

To 2240: Various sources

The thematic term (formed by letters cut from definitions, 17, and letters added to definitions) is SCISSORS-AND-PASTE. Unclued lights are types of scissors (9, 25, 31, 32) and paste (1, 6D, 20, 28). First prize L. Coumbe, Benfleet, Essex Runners-up Stephen Gore, Seer Green, Bucks; C.R. Haigh, Hassocks, West Sussex

2240: Various sources

In each of eight clues, one letter has been cut from the definition part; the cut letters spell a word that defines each of four unclued lights. In each of five clues, one letter has been added to the definition part; the added letters spell a word that defines each of four unclued lights. The

To 2237: Experimental

The publication is 11A. Other unclued lights are all anagrams (‘new’ versions) of scientists: 14A SEABORG; 22A EINSTEIN; 23A PASTEUR; 34A TESLA; 37A OERSTED; 38A CURIE; 1D DARWIN; 28D CELSIUS. First prize Juliet Burgess, Narberth, Pembrokeshire Runners-up Jan Hill, Brighton, East Sussex; Mike Carter, Flawith, Yorkshire

2234: A greater measure

One unclued light is the name of a drink which can be measured into three ingredients. Each ingredient has three definitions among the other unclued lights; unchecked letters of the nine lights in question are supplied by the puzzle’s title. Across 1 Changing tack, see, I perform on rink? (8, hyphened) 8 Total power in

To 2231: On the side

Unclued lights made mottoes around the rim of one-pound coins: (33) NEMO ME (12) IMPUNE (40) LACESSIT, (18) DECUS ET (34) TUTAMEN, and (13) PLEIDIOL (39) WYF I’M (4) GWLAD. First prize Tony Watson, Twyford, Berks Runners-up P. Langdale, London N11; Stewart Jones, Winchester, Hants

2228: Unfair

One unclued light (ignore its umlaut) is the home of a team known by a name which is another unclued light. This name is also given to a group of 13 28; four related members (one hyphened) are the other unclued lights. Each of ten clues contains a misprinted letter in the definition part; corrections