Dr Waqar Rashid

Dr Waqar Rashid

Dr Waqar Rashid is a consultant neurologist at St George's University Foundation Hospital NHS Trust, London. This article is a personal view and does not necessarily represent the views of the Trust. He tweets at @DrWaqarRashid1

Dexamethasone isn’t a coronavirus breakthrough

It’s welcome news, of course, that dexamethasone can reduce mortality in people with moderate to severe respiratory complications due to Covid-19. But to hail it as a big breakthrough – as the Health Secretary Matt Hancock did this week – is a step too far. Perhaps next week, Hancock will be shouting about the use

Is the R number a flawed measure?

Boris Johnson’s address on Sunday was always going to be challenging. The effects of Covid-19 – in terms of its horrific death toll and the drastic measures we’ve taken to prevent more loss of life – meant it was one the biggest and most important political statements in living memory. But what was also required

Where have all the non-coronavirus patients gone?

Where have all my patients gone? I’ve been asking myself this question increasingly over recent weeks. We’ve heard a lot since the arrival of Covid-19 about illness, health and disease, but the conditions I treat appear to have disappeared. As a busy neurologist I normally see over 1,500 people every year as part of my