Sutton Hoo Helmet on display at the British Museum Photo: Getty

For my family, the Vikings exhibition was about as much fun as being raped and pillaged

12 April 2014

Have you managed to book tickets to the Viking exhibition at the British Museum yet? If you haven’t, my advice is: don’t bother. I know what the critics have been… Read more

The Great Fire of London - a memorable date

Knowing things isn’t ‘20th century’, Justin Webb. It’s the foundation of a successful life

5 April 2014

It’s scarcely possible to open a newspaper or magazine these days without reading an article about how the latest technological gizmo has rendered traditional education obsolete. According to Justin Webb,… Read more


Why I won’t let my children learn French

29 March 2014

My children won’t learn French. If their school tries to force the issue, I’ll fight tooth and nail. There’ll be the mother of all Agincourts before I let it happen.… Read more

On teaching, St Jerome is with Daisy Christodoulou

22 March 2014

Last week in The Spectator, Daisy Christodoulou argued that, contrary to current educational theory, children learned best via direct instruction and drills under the guidance of a good teacher, which… Read more

Education Secretary Michael Gove Speech On Education Reform

Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and the return of Tory wars

15 March 2014

From the moment he took his job, Michael Gove knew that he would make energetic and determined enemies. The teachers’ unions, local councillors and even his own department all stood… Read more


I always defended Michael Gove. Then I met him

15 March 2014

A few weeks ago, I was a guest at a huge tea party for children’s authors, publishers and commentators at the South Bank, but the atmosphere, over the cupcakes and… Read more

Chemistry Class

Teacher training’s war on science

15 March 2014

When I trained as a teacher, seven years ago, these are some of the things I was taught: it’s better for pupils to discover a fact than to be told… Read more

The Prime Minister And Education Secretary Open A Free School In Birmingham

Schools need freeing from the right as well as the left

15 March 2014

Knowledge can be successfully transmitted and received only by those who recognise its value. If our governments have regarded education as valuable, however, it is usually as a means to… Read more


Niall Ferguson

1 March 2014

 São Paolo It was back in 2001 that my good friend Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs coined the acronym ‘Bric’, short for Brazil, Russia, India, China. These were the emerging… Read more

The Conservative Party Annual Conference

My battle with Michael Gove’s Blob

8 February 2014

Michael Gove has been under fire this week for ‘sacking’ Sally Morgan as chair of Ofsted. You’d think he’d be within his rights not to re-appoint her, given that she’s… Read more


Andrew Marr's notebook: Rescued by Jonathan Ross

14 December 2013

We live by simple stories. X has a stroke. X recovers; or doesn’t. But we live inside more complicated stories. Recovering from a stroke is a long haul; I still… Read more


Super-heads are a super-huge mistake

7 December 2013

Another month, so it seems, another super-head rolls. Not that many would have noticed the latest. Greg Wallace’s resignation as executive head teacher of five schools in the east London… Read more


Lord Bamford on why JCB is staying independent

30 November 2013

‘If I can’t see a factory from up here,’ I mutter to myself, throwing the car round an uphill bend of the B5032 south of Ashbourne, ‘I must be in… Read more

Labour Attempt To Hold On To Stoke As The BNP Target The Seat

Toby Young: Tristram Hunt, the Spectator's 'Newcomer of the Year'?

16 November 2013

I love The Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year Awards. On the face of it, they’re a great advertisement for just how broadminded and sophisticated the editors of this magazine are.… Read more

(Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

Malala for free schools

9 November 2013

That Malala Yousafzai, the girl the Taleban tried to murder, is a brave and resolute young woman is not in doubt. The youngest person ever nominated for the Nobel Peace… Read more


Malala's voice is defiant — but how much can she change Pakistan? 

26 October 2013
I Am Malala Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb

Weidenfeld, pp.288, £18.99, ISBN: 9780297870913

In 2012 a Taleban gunman, infuriated by Malala Yousafzai’s frequent television appearances insisting that girls had a right to education, shot her in the face. She survived and is now… Read more


Why I want my schools to ban the burka (and the miniskirt)

21 September 2013

For most people, the question of whether to ban the burka is a purely theoretical one. Not for me. As the chairman of a charitable trust that sits above two… Read more

British musicians Miss Dynamite (5th L)

Why interns don’t deserve pay

17 August 2013

In the modern political firmament, is there any creature more ridiculous than the agitating intern? Interns are rising up. These one-time coffee-makers have reimagined themselves as history-makers, fancying that they… Read more

10 August 2013

Q. My mainly male colleagues and I were happy to learn that an attractive young woman would be joining the staff of the boarding prep school where we work. Yet,… Read more


It’s vital that children translate English to Latin at GCSE

22 June 2013

One of the most rewarding exercises a Latinist can attempt is to turn a piece of English prose into Latin. The reason is quite simple: it means getting under the… Read more

Steerpike: The Lib Dems’ free school fight, Dignitas on Scotland, and more

15 June 2013

Some politicians don’t read their own manifestos. And some don’t even read the names of their own parties. When it comes to academy schools, the Lib Dems are struggling to… Read more


Why Michael Gove is the best leader Labour never had

15 June 2013

Michael Gove received a surprising amount of support from the opposition benches when he unveiled his GCSE reforms in the Commons on Monday. Among those Labour MPs saying they welcomed… Read more

fraser piece

To transform schools, sack bad teachers and hire great ones. It'll transform education - and the economy

15 June 2013

The Labour years can, in retrospect, be seen as a massive experiment into the link between cash and education. Gordon Brown almost doubled spending per pupil over the past decade,… Read more


We should be teaching kids to make programs like Word, not how to use them

15 June 2013

Technology is turning the human urge to consume information into an unhealthy addiction. Some of this consumption — reading, following the news, exposing ourselves to culture — has obvious merits;… Read more


Don’t jump, Felipe!

Peering over my son’s shoulder as he forced himself through a pile of practice IGCSE maths papers in readiness for this week’s exams, I was shocked both by the absence… Read more