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10 ways students can make extra money when home for the summer holiday

10 ways students can make extra money when home for the summer holiday
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When summer arrives and you’re faced with the beautiful reality of endless weeks in the sunshine (OK, wishful thinking), instead of lectures and assignments, it makes sense to try to use that time wisely; and maybe even make some money in the process to have an even better summer with.

www.studentbeans.com, the student discount app, has very kindly come up with some top tips for students looking to make their bank balance look a bit healthier this summer.

1.      Sell some belongings 

Whether it’s clothes, shoes, gadgets, furniture or antiques, if you no longer need or use something, then why not look to sell it.  You know what they say; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! There are plenty of sites to sell your belongings on, or you could even do a car boot and get your friends involved, to turn it into a competition and see who can make the most money.

2.      Wash cars 

During the summer, you’d hope we might get some nice weather, but then again we are in England so who knows?! Why not offer to wash friends’ or family members’ cars for a few extra pennies? You could do it from the comfort of your driveway and even offer to clean your neighbours’ cars in your area. You’ll be surprised how many people will be willing to pay cheaper rates than a normal hand car wash! Get cleaning.

3.      Chores 

If you are living back at home with your parents for the summer, then why not offer to do some chores around the house? Your parents will probably appreciate the extra help that they’ve missed out on whilst you have been at university and may even be willing to pay you for some of the more arduous jobs like clearing the garden, garage or loft out.

4.      Get an extra job/summer internship

Bar or waitressing jobs are normally always available during the summer, so not only will you have a regular income but you could also get some good tips on top! Why not also look into a paid summer internship or other temporary position? If you find one that is related to your degree, then it’s a bonus, as you are still learning during the summer and getting extra cash. You never know, it could lead to extra work experience later on, or even a job at the end of your degree.

5.      Dog walking/sitting

There are plenty of apps and websites nowadays where you can find dogs that you can walk or look after whilst the owner is at work or away. If you don’t have a family dog (and they’ve no intention of getting one) but really want one, you get the best of both worlds here; a four legged friend to walk and fuss over without having the commitment to tie you down when you go back to uni. If dog sitting isn’t your thing, then try dog walking. You’ll get a bit of exercise in the process and can make a decent little wage by helping out dog owners in your area.

6.      Surveys  

Get paid to sit in the comfort of your own home and take part in some online surveys. There are many research companies looking for people to take part in surveys or test new products. The amount paid might not seem like a lot per survey (usually in the pence rather than pounds) but the more you do and the quicker you get through them, you will soon start to see the money build up.

7.      Blogging – affiliate links  

You could start a blog about all the things you love, or maybe even your own page on Instagram or Facebook. Say you wanted to start a fashion blog, for example; if you wanted to start making some cash, you could sign up to an affiliate network that will enable you to generate special links for various retailers or products to include on your blog. If any of your readers then click through on the link and make a purchase, you could get a cut in the form of a percentage of the purchase amount in commission. Some people have grown blogs and websites to the point where these affiliate links are making them a lot of money.

8.      Babysitting

Do you have any younger brothers or sisters? Maybe nieces or nephews? A good way to get some extra cash during the summer would be to offer yourself up for babysitting. It will give your friends or relatives a night off from the kids and it will also stop you from going out and spending money. Hopefully the kids aren’t too much trouble, but even if they are then the money should be worth the hassle.

9.      Enter free competitions  

Why not try your luck by entering some online competitions? There are actually people that make a living purely off all of their winnings from entering competitions, known as ‘career compers’. Although that would be the dream, it’s a full time job; but there is no harm is entering a few free competitions each day, particularly ones that involve big cash prizes. You never know, you might just be in luck and win big!

10.  Work at a festival

Summer is the season of festivals. But there is nothing worse than having no money to go to them all. Now, you can sign up to work at a number of festivals and, whilst you of course have to work, it might only be for a few hours a day then you can go and enjoy the rest of the festival with your friends. It normally means your ticket is free to go and as you are staff you will find food and drink a lot cheaper, or even free. You have the best of both worlds; a festival-filled summer with extra cash to boot!

Michael Eder is the founder of studentbeans.com