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2019 finalists – The North East

2019 finalists – The North East
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Conductive Transfers

Conductive Transfers has created a new way for printing stretchable electronics on to textiles, making wearable technology cheaper and more efficient. Its uses are everything from saving lives through ECG-monitored garments, to cutting emissions through Elastatherm heater technology.

Ilke Homes

Ilke Homes is a modular housing manufacturer using precision-engineering in the same way that cars or aerospace parts are made. Each module is assembled on-site to create high-quality, modern and beautiful homes that are fully guaranteed by mortgage lenders.


Kinrise, which translates as community rising, is focused on creating spaces that inspire and enable. The investment company is building a portfolio of iconic buildings and ventures designed to contribute to the inclusive rise of UK cities, through creative refurbishment, technology and social and environmental initiatives.

The Floow

The Floow is a telematics provider using data-science and technology to provide intelligence and insight to the driving industry. It allows insurers to price policies fairly and accurately, helps engage drivers to improve their performance and enables auto manufacturers to design vehicles and road systems that respond to drivers’ evolving needs.