2076: Carte blanche

2076: Carte blanche
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The crossword is of the usual barred pattern and is symmetrical whichever side is uppermost. The Across clues are presented in order and precede the Down clues. Three solutions are hyphened, and one is of three words. Solvers are required to  insert the bars; clue-numbers are not required.

— Former Foreign office abroad revealed in smallest Welsh shire

— Garland unknown county

— Small shovel for Scottish climb

— A spike ... – obtained from indigo

— Palm giving a g-gentle hit

— MacVicar’s domain with capital and money -- not good

— Filthy places for Bond on board

— Vinegar’s that’s turned – a deception

— Answer distracted persons with English

— Controls inside us

— In France, he holds party for old impostor

— Ran out of Otranto Oil

— Film star’s dress with nothing on

— Leading article can mirror red fabrics

— Group of 9 – almost 10 – and eleven, as starters

— Proverb of our time?

— Scotsman after bass tuba from the Muses’ home

— Work about pulse of the feet

— New organist throwing out one vocal composition

— Commendation heard for victims

— First bird in winter nest

— Red ochre Powell mixed in laxative

— Youngster – flagellant with a camera?

— King’s ovens

— Live former leader’s position

— Clean out building site for knight

— Old scout – one in Alps, wandering

— The sport of courtly love

— High-sounding national TT arrangement

— Spell “clutch”

— Imperil former flower group having groaned awfully

— Roman sea-horse

— Said to the French about to depart

— Faulty current collector with apparent fivefold chart?

— Gunner with sex appeal and spirit

— Work on the quiet for money

— Take out too much through cultivating porc, it would seem

— RAF type in coat of camel-hair and fibre

— Scurvy chap in charge of a poet

— Everybody’s round night before exam

— Pole lifted access

— Radical left after comrade

— Marijuana for lemur

— One seen during crossing inlet

A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 3 September. There are two runners-up prizes of £20 (or, for UK solvers, the latest edition of The Chambers Dictionary —  ring the word ‘Dictionary’). Entries to: Crossword 2076,

The Spectator, 22 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP. Please allow six weeks for prize delivery.

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