2631:Nine capitalists

The unclued lights are of a kind, verifiable in Brewer with the help of the red squares which must be read in order row by row. Ignore one apostrophe and an acute accent, elsewhere. Across 9    Terrible President out on a limb at heart, troubled (10) 14    Courier company raises its charges (3) 16    Make

2628: Customary taxes

The unclued lights (one hyphened and plural, and another in the past tense) are of a kind, all verifiable as such in Chambers, most of them on a specific page.         Across    1    One son half-naked, at first, during old broadcast (12) 10    Bird losing head and part of foot (4) 12    Series of files

2625: Playtime

The unclued lights (one of two words) and four others clued without their thematic definition are of a kind. Across 1    Two little boys tapped their heads (6)7    Birettas seldom reveal this tuft (6)13    US challenge to foil and dismiss at the wicket (5)14    Material from The Spectator, London (5)17    Salary and gratuity, collected by

2622: Local call

The unclued lights (six of two words and one of three words), one pair or individually, are of a kind, verifiable in Brewer. Ignore one apostrophe.         Across    1    Declare nothing will stop crime, causing disgust (8)    6    Attack, losing head in drinking bout (6) 11    Objects to intellects (5) 13    Young

2619: All Grieg to me

The unclued lights, (four of two words), when arranged correctly, yield a famous TV quotation. One word does double duty; ignore an apostrophe too.         Across    4    Oblige to provide lodgings? (11) 11    Spanish food of peas cooked with everybody inside (7) 14    Gave a present that’s not about to be old-fashioned (5) 19   

2617: Enzed scorers

The 12 thematic unclued lights form the second half of an alphabetical list, one solution finally and another first and last. Across  4    Kitty stewed apricots as single snack (6,5) 11    Saw English animals (7) 13    Around Tyneside Freddie New established new credentials (9) 21    Forty winks before beginning to exercise back of neck (4)

2616: Atomic scorers

The thirteen thematic unclued lights form the first half of an alphabetical list. Ignore all accents. Across 10    Cut-throat chap’s birds (10) 13    Behavioural stimulus affected Earl 8 (8) 16    Girl in chains? (5) 17    Skilfully handled – after a stroke? (7) 18    White van going across Indian territory first (7) 20    Revised asking price

2613: Way off

The unclued lights (one of two words), all verifiable in Brewer, precede a word which appears as an abbreviation four times in the lower right-hand quadrant of the completed grid. Solvers should highlight all four examples. Ignore two apostrophes. Across 1    All omelettes cooked with pesto and chives, first (8,3) 7    Furtwängler finally reveals this

2610: 700

This is Doc’s 700th crossword in the weekly series. The unrelated unclued lights (including one pair and two proper nouns) display this number.         Across 4      Old nonsense played on the violin by earl by river (6-2-3) 11    White spirit which Travis Head initially put on part of dartboard (7) 12    A French girl returns

2607: Streetwise

The unclued lights (three coming first and one coming last, two pairs and four of two words) are of a kind. Across 12    One record after another oddly omitted rulers’ postscripts (9) 13    Compact disc’s first seen spinning (5) 15    Omits plan about philosophical belief (9) 16    Impassioned male getting date wrong (6) 20    Resin

2604: Snap

The unclued lights (one hyphened and one pair) are of a kind.         Across    4    Swollen state of tailless bird’s head (9) 10    Evil mix of love and malice (10) 14    Cox for Hereford, perhaps? (5) 16    Henry and John’s outcry (6) 22    Cow strays from foaming watercourse, maybe marked with X (8) 23   

2601: Men of note

The unclued lights are of a kind. Two solutions are initials. Across 1    Officers’ training school – place to write music – cello arrangement with two notes (5,7)10    Fertile Spanish plain, say, in Virginia (4)12    Moorland bird that pesters the female? (3-7)14    Rules regularly presented author’s initials (3)15    Clear control of former NZ live news

2598: By any other name

The unclued lights (one of two words) may be paired, one past and one present.         Across    1    USA dealt out compliments (8) 11    It’s still a healthy drink in spring! (7,5) 14    Go on to take legal action (7) 18    Parallel grooves are first adjusted (6) 23    Irritable, like our cats and dogs?

Crossword 2595: Three of a kind

The unclued lights display a common feature, different in each example. Elsewhere, ignore an apostrophe. Across 1 Tracks birds (5) 4 Top gear when cornered? (6,3) 9 So democrat organised convoys (10) 11 Unfinished old sailing boat in Sri Lankan city (5) 12 Expert model offer (7) 14 Capable assistant at office? (5) 15 Some

2592: Uncle Victor

The unclued Across lights were of a kind, as are the unclued Down lights now. All are verifiable in Brewer under 16. Across 4    Team go over to Irish monument (6,5)11    Train pass daughter’s lost (7)12    Delicate and light, keeping in time (6)13    Colluding with ancient tribe’s hilarious escapades (2,7)19    Band’s origin (7)21    Get together

Solution to 2586: Inst

The unclued lights start with the trio JAN, the abbreviation for JANUARY which is ‘this month’ or ‘INST’, the puzzle’s title. First prize Thomas Williamson, Moygashel, Dungannon Runners-up Susan Bell, Reeth, N. Yorks; Richard Thorpe, Burntwood, Staffs

2589: Oddly stumps out

The unclued lights (one of two words, two singletons and four pairs) are of a kind in green. Across 1 Fair blood relation in awful surroundings hardly seen (4,7) 7 Equipment for Bell, Athey and Trescothick initially (3) 13 Light US railroad truck is a timeless barrow boy’s truck (7) 15 Head of Government in

2586: Inst

To start off the New Year, the unclued lights (one of two words) share a common feature. Across 11    A female, for example, talked of items for discussion (6) 14    It happened during the 70s (5) 15    Regularly reveal art of great wordsmith (5) 16    Our Fraser getting hold of 111 (6) 17    Article aboard

2583: Out of place

Five unclued Across lights are of a kind and are out of place as the five unclued Down lights.         Across    1    Thinly scattered food chain outside of Stevenage (6)    7    Place in complete shade (6) 13    Multitude of fishes on sandbank (5) 15    Fruit ain’t green when squeezed (9) 20    Fruit and

2580: Cobbled

Around the perimeter starting at square 20 and reading clockwise are five themed solutions, ten words in total. The other unclued lights (four pairs) continue the theme, if 12 Across is pluralised. Ignore two apostrophes.         Across 11    Fiddle with jacket removed after a dip? (5) 13    Get rid of European visitor – that’s not