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A growth industry: Film investment is on the rise in the UK

A growth industry: Film investment is on the rise in the UK
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In the past decade, British film and television has been attracting large audiences and positive attention from critics. Analysts are confident that the UK can increase its global share of the entertainment market but, in order to fulfil is potential, British film and television needs financing.

Founded by Gary Collins, Red Rock Entertainment aims to attract investment to the UK entertainment industry. More investment means British filmmakers can become more ambitious, hiring globally recognised actors, commissioning cutting-edge scripts and expanding the range of what’s possible with special effects. With strong investment, we can help produce British film and television that’s capable of delighting audiences all over the world.

Punching above its weight: How UK film and TV competes in the global market

The movie capital of the world used to be Hollywood. Historically, most investment went to Hollywood films and American television. Why? Because Hollywood movies produced reliable profits. A superhero blockbuster would cost between $200 million and $300 million to produce, but they would often double or triple their production costs at the box office.

But these numbers are decreasing.

Although British films have smaller budgets and generate less at the box office, their return on investment is often much more impressive than big Hollywood films. Edgar Wright's 2017 film Baby Driver gained more than $226 million dollars – not as much as an average US film, but its budget was only $34 million. That’s a six-fold return. In other words, the British film industry can be up to two times more profitable than Hollywood. The UK remains the third-largest consumer market for film and television in the world, and the number of successful British titles is only increasing.

What’s the secret to the UK’s success?

After decades of Hollywood control, audiences are eager for something new, and the UK entertainment industry is uniquely capable of filling that niche. British television and film is known for its distinctive humor, internationally renowned casts and stunning visual effects. British directors and screenwriters tell their stories from a different point of view and make us feel in fresh, surprising ways. Their work is far more memorable than the clichéd action movies or romantic comedies Hollywood throws at audiences year in, year out.

Red Rock Entertainment Ltd partner with investors to help this national industry grow. Investors are ready to spend millions of pounds because they know that money put towards British film and television is money well spent.

Will the industry continue to grow?

Analysts have shown that growth is here to stay. In the previous decade, British film and television has been lauded by the critics, and this praise has been matched with larger profits than ever before. In the 1990s and early 2000s, UK film was flagging. But a surge in young talent means that today, the situation is much brighter. These new directors, screenwriters and producers have managed to retain the unique spirit of British cinema, while remaining relevant to a global audience.

The examples are plentiful. The revamped Doctor Who enhanced a classic British show with a richer emotional range and more intricate storylines. This brought better audience ratings, not only in the UK, but worldwide. Sherlock is another great example, bringing Sherlock Holmes into the 21st century with stronger action and more compelling plots. Its enduring popularity shows that it’s possible for the British to produce something as successful as American TV series.

The role of UK film investment companies

Red Rock Entertainment works closely with our investors to pair them with their ideal project. Our investors are involved at every level of the production process and we organise a range of events including seminars to keep our investors abreast of how their money is being spent. We work with all kinds of investors and are able to help those who don’t have large funds to make money on film production.

Red Rock Entertainment unites investors, film financing companies and filmmakers, helping them work together to complete projects, maximise profits, and guarantee audiences pleasure.

Better together: Collaboration between filmmakers, executive producers, and investors

Close cooperation with investors is our main strategy. At Red Rock Entertainment, everything is open: if you contribute to the budget, you know how your money is being spent. In film financing, trust is paramount, and, with Red Rock, investors can be confident in the success of the project.

Collaboration not only benefits investors and film makers, it helps the UK film industry to grow. So let’s join forces and help take British film and television to the next level.


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