Alexander Larman

Alexander Larman is an author and books editor of Spectator World, our US-based edition

Sex and the Famous Five

Generations of readers of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series have enjoyed the books without having to contemplate the erotic properties of the canine member of the quintet. After reading Nicholas Royle’s one-of-a-kind fantasia on Blyton and David Bowie, they may never be able to do so again. Royle writes confidently that ‘the most obvious route

Harry, Meghan and the mystery of the ‘royal racist’

Ever since 2021’s absurd Oprah Winfrey interview, in which the Duchess of Sussex coyly suggested that a member of the Royal Family had speculated about what colour her then-unborn first child’s skin would be, there has been an egregious fascination with the identity of the notorious figure known only as ‘the royal racist’. Speculation has

The knives are out for Prince William and Kate

Omid Scobie’s Endgame is now available from a bookshop near you, and no doubt republicans and admirers of Harry and Meghan alike will be flocking to buy it on the day of release, gleeful to soak up the revelations about the Royal Family. For the rest of us, the appeal is less clear. The book’s

Is the war of the Windsors about to blow up again?

The name ‘Omid Scobie’ must be one of the least popular ever uttered in Buckingham and St James Palaces. Not only was the royal reporter’s bestselling 2020 book Finding Freedom a firmly partisan account of Harry and Meghan’s quasi-abdication – and, it later transpired in court, assisted by someone close to the Duchess, so that

In defence of The Crown

Since 2016, we have cultivated a new national pastime: moaning about the latest series of The Crown. Every time Netflix’s royal soap opera appears on our screens, we become united in our determination to spot errors of fact and taste in Peter Morgan’s show, ranging from the trivial to the major. No wonder that Morgan,

Could Prince Harry be brought in from the cold?

For those of us who believed that hell would freeze over before the Duke of Sussex was welcomed back into the bosom of his family, it will have come as a surprise when it was revealed that Prince Harry would be telephoning King Charles on his 75th birthday this week. It has been reported that

Will Charles enjoy a birthday reconciliation with Harry?

Happy birthday, Your Majesty. The King turns 75 today but the celebrations will be muted: Charles is spending the day launching the Coronation Food Project, which is designed to deal with the pressing issue of food shortages throughout the country. He’ll also be hosting a reception for NHS nurses and midwives. For a monarch who has been accused of

Charles’s debut King’s Speech was a triumph

The King’s speech was a damp squib – but for that we should blame Rishi Sunak rather than Charles III. Most of the announcements – from tougher prison sentences to cracking down on smoking – were already known about. But while the Prime Minister’s agenda was far from inspiring, today’s pomp and ceremony did give

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s peculiar apology

Not since the then-couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard released a pained, hostage-style video in 2016 apologising for bringing their dogs into Australia illegally has there been such an awkward public statement by A-list stars. Now is the turn of actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher over the weekend. In the minute-long video, they half-apologise

When will Elizabeth II get the memorial she deserves?

After the public grief that greeted the death of our longest-serving monarch Elizabeth II a year ago today, it might be expected that there would be a similar display of commemoration to mark the first anniversary of her passing. Instead, the Royal Family have let it be known that there will be no public event

Heart of Invictus shows Prince Harry at his best

After a year that would have exhausted any normal human being – with the past 12 months including, but not limited to, the death of his grandmother, the coronation of his father, the publication of a much-ridiculed memoir, several court cases and a succession of increasingly embarrassing tell-all interviews – Prince Harry could hardly be

Prince Harry

Can Oppenheimer take on Barbie?

This week, two films are released simultaneously that could not be more different. In the pink corner is Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, a 114-minute long exercise in postmodern irony and camp revolving around the exploits of the much-beloved Mattel doll, given life and dragged into the real world. From the first trailer onwards, its mission has been

The death of the sex comedy

After a few years in which she has been largely absent from cinemas – her appearance in Netflix’s climate-change black comedy Don’t Look Up aside – Jennifer Lawrence is returning with, of all things, a raunchy sex comedy, with the punning title No Hard Feelings. It has earned an R-rating in the US and 15 in the UK, and

Where did it all go wrong for Harry and Meghan?

Even for those of us who are not well disposed towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it is hard not to wish – occasionally – that they might catch a break. Yet apart from Harry’s well-judged and unostentatious appearance at the coronation, things have gone from bad to worse over the past six months

Even Spotify has tired of Meghan and Harry’s schtick

As Oscar Wilde said of the death of Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh. During Prince Harry’s recent travails in court he was given the in-depth public interrogation about ‘his truth’ that he has never faced before. As if this were not enough to disturb the equilibrium

Will the royal silence over Prince Harry’s trial hold?

It’s fair to say that, after an unimpressive first day on the witness stand in his case against the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), Prince Harry rallied somewhat yesterday. This may well have been because he now had the measure of his interrogator, Andrew Green KC, and was able to respond with greater detail and fluency.

The hubris of Prince Harry

As Prince Harry walked into the High Court for his second day of cross-examination, he might have been forgiven for approaching the stand with trepidation. The Duke of Sussex’s first day being grilled by Andrew Green KC did not cover him in glory. It is unlikely that the Prince has ever found himself under such