David Blackburn

A man of few words

A man of few words
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The Evening Standard reports that General Sir Richard Dannatt is “absolutely unrepentant” about demanding better equipment for British forces serving in Afghanistan. Attending a Help for Heroes charity event, he said:

"We have got some very good equipment but with an increase in the forces overseas, we have got to get more out there."

He doesn't say much, but every time Dannatt opens his mouth the contrast between his no-nonsense honesty and the connivances of defence ministers becomes starker. And, because the government’s response is so infantile, Dannatt’s few words are doing Gordon Brown potentially irreparable damage.

Sir Richard is yet to elaborate on what it is that blocks the transfer of equipment. But there’s no smoke without fire. The General leaves his post next week; I imagine and hope that he will become more voluble thereafter.