James Forsyth

A mixed bag for the coalition at PMQs 

A mixed bag for the coalition at PMQs 
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So much for the de-Flashmaning project. At PMQs, a tetchy Cameron doled out his usual number of insults, comparing Ed Miliband to Eddie the Eagle Edwards. Frankly, I don’t think this really matters as long as Cameron appears to be in control of his temper, which isn’t always the case. But Ed Miliband definitely raised a chuckle when he told Cameron to ‘calm down, dear.’

But, perhaps, the most noticeable thing about today’s PMQs was the behaviour of the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg joined in with all the jeering at the Labour front bench, something which he very conspicuously didn’t do in the last few weeks. Chris Huhne happily chatted away to Michael Gove and two Lib Dem MPs asked patsy questions of the PM. This didn’t look like a party that is even thinking about walking away from the coalition.

But the problem that coalition poses for the Lib Dems was highlighted when Cameron declared from the despatch box, ‘there’s only one party you can trust on the NHS, and that’s the party I lead.’ The Lib Dems found themselves written out of the script again.