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A school for consciousness: how an educational retreat is helping leaders transform their communities

A school for consciousness: how an educational retreat is helping leaders transform their communities
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For most of us schools are considered a place of learning, where we acquire the skills and knowledge that prepare us for working life. But while this may be true, it also misses the more fundamental role that school(change to education or learning) can play in encouraging self-actualisation – both for children and for adults too. (think we should make it clear here that some education may not support humanity and the point is that we need to learn how to manage ourselves, our emotions not just learn traditionally)

Based in Mallorca, the Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness is an educational retreat which seeks to provide just that. Namely, a dedicated space for adults to achieve self-transformation through contemplation of the most fundamental questions of life and existence itself.

Zulma Reyo

The school was founded by Zulma Reyo, an educator and writer whose life has been dedicated to the understanding of purpose, consciousness and self-transformation. It is based on the teachings of her book – Inner Alchemy: The Path of Mastery – which itself draws on her 40 years’ immersion in diverse philosophical traditions.

The school is organised around the fundamental principle of how vibratory matter – and the fundamental (fundamental twice/change one of them or take out one) laws of being – shape both ourselves and the world around us. From there, it seeks to explore how students can harness this inner wisdom to improve their own lives and, crucially, the communities (change communities to world) around them.

The school is most suitable for those who are intellectually curious, spiritually conscious,( add in leaders ) and who possess a desire to address the world’s biggest problems: be they socio-political, philosophical or spiritual. As Zulma herself puts it: ‘We seek students who know that in the rebuilding of self rests the power to rebuild our world.’

It is this belief – that within us lies the potential to transform our surroundings – that has shaped Zulma’s own journey, and her coaching and education work. Having worked for many years with leaders and accomplished individuals, she hopes the school will help more people discover the wisdom of Inner Alchemy: that only by better understanding ourselves (and our relationship to the universe) can we harness our true potential as creators, leaders and healers.

The school currently offers a fully funded three-year programme, both in English and Spanish. The curriculum is divided into modules of four days throughout the year, which build towards an intensive two-week (take out summer) retreat at an exceptional, privately owned estate in Mallorca.

The teachings are based around six concepts, namely: the nature of life (what is light, breath and matter?); the human energetic anatomy; consciousness, soul and personality; self-mastery and transformation; God-consciousness and the power within; and, finally, our inherent power to build a new world in service.

While the teachings are based on Zulma’s principles explained in the book, the course is not designed to prescribe a set route for learning, but instead to guide students to find their own answers. It focuses on providing the tools, encouragement and wisdom for them to explore the questions that shape their own consciousness.

The teaching is highly personalised, with Zulma and her educators taking a conscious and empathetic approach to what is likely to be an extremely intense – albeit rewarding – process. Students selected by Zulma are then invited to partake in further learning, (take out including) at the estate in Mallorca, to support their own transformation plans.

A full prospectus, and a guide to the application process, can be downloaded from www.zrsoc.com. The school welcomes students (aged 21 and above), from all nationalities, and is supported by the philanthropic organisation LightEn www.light-en.org (which offers full scholarships)

Potential students can also download a free copy of the Inner Alchemy book here, or connect with Zulma on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.