Rod Liddle

A shared hobby

A shared hobby
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It’s always nice when a married couple are able to share a hobby – even if it is, in the case of Shasta and Mohammed Khan, trying to blow up Jewish people. These two imbeciles, from Oldham, have now been convicted of planning terrorist attacks which they intended to effect with hairdressing chemicals and chapatti flour. Apparently they would drive to Manchester and look at synagogues, seething with rage. “We must kill of them,” Mo told his loving wife on one of these strange trysts. Previously they had been less than radical, preferring to stay at home and watch Coronation Street and Emmerdale on their widescreen HD infidel television. I have to admit, in mitigation, that I once watched Emmerdale and emerged from the experience feeling slightly more sympathetic towards the aims of Al Qaeda than had hitherto been the case, although I stopped short of stockpiling hydrogen peroxide and chapatti flour.

The Khan’s animus against Jews is less explicable, though. We are forever being assured by prominent Muslims that Islam is a wonderfully peaceable religion which considers Jews to be absolutely terrific people and means them no harm at all. So it is a complete mystery as to why the Khans suddenly took against the Jews, isn’t it? Perhaps they just got the wrong end of the stick.