Catherine Ormell

A Theatre Supper

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I don’t know why it’s become important to me:

the idea of a theatre supper at home?

Maybe it’s a methodology for life

that after decades of practice

we can make it what we wish it to be:

modest yet appetising, practical yet

with an element of excitement pending?

After so many supermarket visits made

on foot or online, when the whole scene palls,

and there are queues at the local eatery

and we feel we are just jades pecking at the window…

then our new-found theatre supper gives us a clue

via an authentic half-bottle and Jansson’s Temptation.

We might actually go to the theatre this time.

Or not. But at least we’d be homely,

sitting in the kitchen, dazed by our handiwork,

speculating on our next project.