Peter Hoskin

A winning bid?

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Football and Coffee House rarely mix, except of course when Manchester United win the European Cup. Yet I'm sure plenty of CoffeeHousers want to see England come out on top when the winning nation of the 2018 World Cup bid is announced later today. This morning saw the English delegation – including Davids Cameron and Beckham, and Prince William – make their final presentation to FIFA dignitaries. To my eyes, it was schmaltzily effective stuff, but you can judge for yourself from the video above. All that remains to do is echo Iain Dale's call of "Come on England!" And if we don't win, then it was obviously fixed.

P.S. There's even some World Cup-related embarrassment for Ed Miliband. His outgoing spokesman, Katie Myler, has tweeted that Cameron is "pimping himself" out in Zurich. She has apologised for the comment.