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Adam Boulton’s damning verdict

Adam Boulton's damning verdict
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We've already collected some of the general blogosphere response to Labour's manifesto launch, but this addendum is worth making separately.  In a post describing the hostility of the Labour crowd towards the gathered media, Adam Boulton writes (with my highlights):

"The crowd, including some cabinet ministers, booed and shouted at questions they didn’t like.

Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, had his question interrupted by jeering and Graham Wilson of the Sun was booed just for identifying his newspaper.

Labour did not behave like that in the last three elections when the Sun backed them.

Gordon Brown was happy to join in this confrontational mood.

It was the most substantive aspect of the manifesto event."

So a damning verdict, indeed, from a veteran of the electoral scene – and the man who will host Sky's TV debate in a couple of weeks.  It's a safe bet that the booing he describes will play less well with external audiences than with the activists who attended the launch.