Adam Holloway

What I’ve learned from five months sleeping on the streets

Over the years, I have spent around five months sleeping rough on the streets of London, Birmingham and New York, making undercover TV programmes. Matthew, who works in my Westminster office, spent last summer involuntarily homeless after he was cheated by his business partner. I suspect we are the only people within the Palace of

We can’t just base our refugee policy on what makes us feel better

People across Britain wept when we saw the picture of little Aylan Kurdi’s body on a Turkish beach. We later heard of his brother and mother dying  – and his family’s story of fleeing from Islamic State, and of their year in Turkey before boarding a smugglers’ deflating dingy. Many scream out in empathy that something must be done, that we must assimilate more refugees to

To bring peace to the Afghans, talk to the Taleban

Adam Holloway says that Britain’s strategy in Afghanistan is misconceived. Nato’s military presence should be reduced and the battle for hearts and minds fought more imaginatively They do not like the F-word in Whitehall, but failure stares us in the face in southern Afghanistan. For three years we have deluded ourselves that we can defeat