Another joker comes out for Labour

Another joker comes out for Labour
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Eddie Izzard, Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan and Russell Brand. What is it with professional funny-men backing Labour? It's a little odd that when Miliband is trying to show the world what a serious, potential statesman he can be, he puts jokers in Labour's election broadcasts.

Robert Webb, of Mitchell and Webb fame, is the latest to come out for Ed:

'I don’t need the Labour Party to have the kind of leader you’d want to put on a T-shirt and God knows they continue to oblige me. Ed Miliband’s favourite track is probably “Persuading in the Name Of” by Reform Against the Machine. It’s not my rage he needs, it’s my vote. He can’t do any of the above unless he’s prime minister. I know what to do about that. What will you do?'

But is a non-comedy actor about to join the Milifandom? Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow in David Cameron's favourite television show Game of Thrones, appeared to hint in an interview in Time Out that he will be voting for an uncharismatic politician on Thursday:

'I'm feeling as disenfranchised as anyone, but I don't believe politicians should be judged by their charisma.'

Time for Mr S to utter the Prime Minister's favourite Game of Thrones quote: 'You know nothing Jon Snow'.

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