Rod Liddle

April Fooled

April Fooled
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Did you like the Guardian’s April Fool spoof of the latest Gordon Brown campaign, which featured the Prime Minister trading on his reputation for being a bully? It was quite funny, but I don’t suppose many people were taken in – which is, after all, the point of the April Fool spoof, to take people in.

Good to see the same paper running with a story on April 2, though, about Cambridge University stripping the BNP leader of his Law degree because they did not wish to be associated with such a horrible little man. This was also an April Fool spoof created by one of the university’s student unions, but the Guardian swallowed it whole. That’s the key to a successful April Fool, Mr Rusbridger – play on people’s wishful thinking, as well as their gullibility and stupidity.

More PCC stuff later, as promised...