Matthew Dancona

Back Boris | 1 May 2008

Back Boris | 1 May 2008
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We have had the debates. We have had the interviews. We have had acres of newsprint, some sensible, some way off the mark and some downright scurrilous. Can anyone doubt that this has been an exciting mayoral race?

But it isn't just about excitement. This is the real thing: Londoners, today you must vote for change or more of the same. A fresh start and a candidate fizzing with ideas, or a tired municipal socialist demanding four more years for his rusty old gravy train. And those outside London: watch and keep your fingers crossed. Whatever national politicians say to the contrary, this contest will be a hugely important punctuation mark in this Parliament and the narrative arc leading inexorably towards the next general election.

So - for the last time at this election - I urge you all to go out and vote for Boris. And if you don't live in London, call, text or email someone who does and tell them to get on with it. Believe me, it's in your interests. This is it, folks. Seconds out and good luck to Our Man. He is going to win.