Peter Hoskin

Balls falling behind in the Labour leadership race

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We are, in all likelihood, only days away from a full-blown, out-in-the-open Labour leadership contest.  In which case, the odds that Ladbrokes have just fired out are worth a passing glance.  Underneath the news that the Tories are now odds-on to form a majority government, they've got this list:

Next permanent Labour leader

David Miliband 7/4

Ed Miliband 5/1

Alan Johnson 6/1

Harriet Harman 8/1

Peter Mandelson 10/1

Alistair Darling 12/1

Ed Balls 14/1

Jon Cruddas 14/1

Jack Straw 25/1

John Denham 25/1

Andy Burnham 25/1

Hilary Benn 33/1

Yvette Cooper 33/1

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