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Striking out

— Former Manchester United player Eric Cantona executed a flying kick on a Crystal Palace fan after being sent off during a match in 1995. In 1987, while playing for Auxerre, Cantona punched his own goal-keeper, giving him a black eye.

— In 2003, David Beckham received a cut above his eye in what his Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson described as a ‘freakish incident’ involving a flying football boot.

— A woman spectator at the Sri Lanka Test match at Lord’s in 2011 suffered a cut leg from falling glass from a broken window in the England dressing room, to which Matt Prior had returned after being run out for four. A bat was said to have fallen against the window.

— Tiger Woods’s caddie Steve Williams kicked a spectator’s camera at the 2004 US Open after its owner took a photo during Tiger’s backswing. On another occasion, he dropped a fan’s camera in a pond.

Competitive eating

A study by the London School of Tropical Medicine claimed that the world’s obese people eat enough extra food to feed a billion people. How much does food intake vary between nations?

Average adult weight (kg)   Average daily intake (kCal)
Heaviest nations
81.9 US 2870
77.5 Kuwait 2980
76.9 Qatar 3010
76.3 Croatia 2740
74 Egypt 2830

Lightest nations

50.5 Nepal 2350
52.6 North Korea 2350
53.4 Congo 2410
54 Burundi 2420
55.8 Cambodia 2472

Cage match

A zookeeper was killed by a pack of wolves when she entered an enclosure at a Swedish zoo. Which captive animals kill the most people?

Average deaths per year in US, 1990–2008

Big cats 1.1
Venomous snakes 0.88
Elephants 0.72
Constrictor snakes 0.44
Bears 0.16
Alligators/crocodiles 0