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Barometer | 15 February 2018

Also in Barometer: the dirtiest forms of transport, what dogs can sniff and specialist museums

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Museums of curiosity

— British Lawnmower Museum, Southport.

— British in India Museum, Nelson, Lancashire. (Received 109 visitors in 2016, according to VisitEngland.)

— Dog Collar Museum, Leeds Castle, Kent.

— Derwent Pencil Museum, Cumbria.

— Teapot Island, Yalding, Kent. ‘The largest teapot exhibition in England with more than 8,200 teapots to be seen.’

Clean and dirty transport

Transport g CO2 per passenger km
Cycling (taking into account extra food consumed) 18
Walking 24
Underground (every seat occupied but no one standing) 30
Diesel-powered bus (75 per cent full) 42
Diesel train (75 per cent full) 42
Moped 48
Electric car (driver only) 110
Diesel car (driver only) 182
Petrol car (driver only) 199
Black cab (one passenger) 304
Source: Camden Council

What dogs detect

— Drugs, including cannabis, ecstasy, opium and cocaine; explosives, including TNT, gelignite, Semtex, detonating cords and safety fuses; bed bugs; SIM cards; fire accelerants; cash; cadavers

Cold competition


Sochi 2014 9.4˚C
Vancouver 2010 8.2˚C
Turin 2006 6.7˚C


Lillehammer 1994 -16.4˚C
Sapporo 1972 -6.2˚C
Lake Placid 1932 -6.1˚C