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Behind the times
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Anyone who isn't interested in political party websites look away now. For both of you remaining, then it's worth adding to Ben Brogan's observation about Labour's site. The photograph of Ed Miliband that greets you upon clicking here isn't the best, he notes (perhaps MiliE should have used this image instead). But there's more: at time of writing, the pages for the leadership election are still available, and Harriet Harman is still logged as the leader of the Labour party.

These are only small faults, sure. No doubt it will all be fixed in the next couple of days. But it underlines a point that is whirling around Wonkland at the moment: that for all the talk of the last election being the "internet election," the official end of online politics hasn't really taken off yet. And neither did it spark during the Labour leadership contest. Indeed, the only memorable bit of technical wizardy during that campaign was a video text sent by Ed Miliband to Labour supporters – but, in the end, it was still the union's ground-based efforts that won him the leadership.

The question that the techies and blue-sky thinkers will be grappling with before the next election is: does Obama-style online politics have a place in Britain, or will we never really have that internet election?