Labour council’s trendy new street names

Labour council's trendy new street names
(Photo by Birmingham City Council / Twitter)
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How would you feel moving into your new home on Diversity Grove? Or what about a shiny new penthouse on Equality Road? Yes, some Birmingham City Council apparatchik has struck upon the genius idea of naming new streets after lefty buzzwords.

The absurd project was announced earlier today after a public competition to name the freshly built roads in a 1,400 home development (although the Labour council didn't mention how many — or how few — people bothered to actually enter the competition). The winning entries came from nearby resident Louise who said she wanted to 'reflect the diversity' of the area by choosing vacuous moralising phrases that will have a 'positive meaning for local people'.

Mr S thinks it's probably time for the council to make a sharp U-turn on Virtue Signalling Avenue...

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