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Blond in America

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As David says, Philip Blond has charmed David Brooks (who, in turn, has not impressed Matt Welch). I wasn't terribly impressed with Blond last November and am not sure I've really changed my mind. Anyway, that post can be found here. Bottom line:

Sometimes, if I understand him correctly (not as simple a task as it ought to be), it seems as if Blond wants to take us back to the 1930s - at home and at work. I think he'd like everyone to live in small towns or, preferably, villages too. Now there was much that was good about the 1930s but time, and society, moves on and it's futile to suppose that the clock can be wound back. Equally, for all that progress or, if you prefer, time, causes some valuable things to be lost, it also brings valuable improvements. In the end, Blond comes across, perhaps unwittingly, as a nostalgist. And, I'd hazard, it's but one hop from nostalgia to full-blown reactionary status.



UPDATE: Obviously this post should have been headlined For Non-Blonds. (Thanks AL)

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