Boris Johnson and Michael Gove get their relationship back on track

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove get their relationship back on track
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To say that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove's relationship is a complex one would be an understatement. The Vote Leave comrades fell out spectacularly when the former education secretary turned on BoJo during the last Tory leadership campaign – opting to launch his own (doomed) bid for No 10 at the expense of his so-called friend's.

But there is good news at last for fans of the Boris/Gove psycho drama: it looks like the band are back together. With Gove back in the Cabinet as Defra Secretary, his written statement today reveals that it's Johnson who he is trusting with withdrawing the UK from the London Fisheries Convention. Today the Foreign Secretary will 'formally give notice under the Convention':

Michael Gove (Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

As part of the wider process of becoming an independent Coastal State, the UK will be withdrawing from the London Fisheries Convention. My Rt Hon friend the Foreign Secretary will today formally give notice under the Convention.

This is the first step towards taking back control of our fishing waters and creating a policy that leads to a more competitive, profitable and sustainable fisheries industry for the whole of the UK.

We are committed to acting as a responsible Coastal State. We look forward to working closely with the EU and other Coastal States to ensure the sustainable management of fish stocks in accordance with our rights and obligations under international law including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the UN Fish Stocks Agreement (UNFSA).

Given that one of the reasons Gove is said to have turned on Johnson was his failure to safely deliver Andrea Leadsom a letter (promising her a top job), the gesture speaks volumes.

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