Boris Johnson’s history of violence

Boris Johnson's history of violence
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Oh dear. With Boris Johnson needing to mount a political comeback pretty soon in order to have any hope of stopping George Osborne's bid to be the next Conservative leader, the Mayor of London could do with some good PR. So unfortunately an incident that occurred on his trip to Japan is unlikely to prove helpful. Johnson was filmed knocking over a 10-year-old Japanese schoolboy during a 'friendly game' of rugby.

With the boy, who is called Toki Sekiguchi, saying that he only felt a little pain,  Mr S suspects he may have got off lightly given Boris Johnson's history of violence.

2. Last year during a charity football match, Johnson took down a nine-year-old as he went in for the ball with an over-enthusiastic tackle.

3. In 2006 Johnson, who was at the time the MP for Henley, appeared to confuse rugby for football when he knocked over Maurizio Gaudino, the former German international, with a headbutt during a charity football match.

Mr S advises Johnson should stay away from balls as he advances his case to be the next Tory leader.