Boris Johnson’s Huawei selfie-own

Boris Johnson's Huawei selfie-own
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The UK's relationship with the Chinese telecoms company Huawei has been under intense scrutiny this year, as a fierce debate has waged inside government over whether it should be able to build the UK's 5G infrastructure. Hawks inside government are said to be wary that the company could pose a security threat.

Boris Johnson too appeared to have been moving away from the company this week, when he indicated at a Nato summit that the UK would be prepared to ban Huawei, to reassure our American allies about the security of the UK's intelligence systems.

Boris seemed rather less concerned though when he appeared on television this morning, to be interviewed by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. After the interview, the PM even posted a relaxed selfie of the trio on set.

Rather awkwardly though, the eagle-eyed PA Media press agency quickly spotted that Boris appeared to be using a Huawei phone to take the picture – rather calling into question the security of the Downing Street operation:

Perhaps the Americans shouldn't have been so worried about the UK's 5G network. After all, if Huawei wants to access the top levels of government, they clearly don't have to work very hard...

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