James Forsyth

Boris puts on a performance for the 1922 Committee

Boris puts on a performance for the 1922 Committee
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Boris Johnson was very well behaved this evening when he appeared before the 1922 Committee of Tory MPs. He stayed off the topics of Europe and tax and instead confined his remarks to London, saying that he wanted the capital to be an example of ‘cost-cutting, one nation Conservatism’. Those MPs inside the room say the performance was classic Boris, as one put it ‘he left no erogenous zone unstroked’.


Afterwards, Mark Reckless, a north Kent MP, asked the Mayor a sceptical question about his plan for a new airport in Kent. In the questions, I understand that Boris also took the chance to express his support for Rebecca Harris’s daylight saving times bill.


Interestingly, the turn-out for Boris was decent but not massive. One MP who did a rough head count told me that he thought there were about 80 MPs there.