Boris’s Mirror Chicken comes home to roost

Boris's Mirror Chicken comes home to roost
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A.J. Heath

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Boris Johnson has appointed a former Daily Mirror Chicken as his chief spin doctor, the paper's front page revealed today. Lee Cain, Boris's new communications director, donned the infamous costume during a stint at the Labour supporting newspaper and began ruffling Tory feathers during the 2010 general election, when he pursued David Cameron round the country.

Cain's recruitment appears to have caused much mirth at the Mirror offices, with one former colleague saying, 'Lee was actually a great Mirror Chicken. He attacked the role with real zeal and a great passion. I vividly remember him coming in to the newsroom and prancing around still in his full outfit like a rooster.'

But the ex-avian agitator has now had a political change of heart and defected to the Conservatives, no doubt to help Boris in his latest game of chicken with the EU. And the fact that even a former Mirror Chicken is willing to abandon Labour could suggest that Jeremy Corbyn's party is facing a poultry performance at the next election...

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