Peter Hoskin

Boris: the vanguard of a Tory revolution?

Boris: the vanguard of a Tory revolution?
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I've just been enjoying a cup of tea in my local cafe (Jose's, Morden), and listening to the general chatter about Boris' stunning election victory.  Here, at least, there's a bit of regret that Ken's going - but this was tempered by talk about the cost of living.  In the face of rising food and energy prices, most were angered by the extra costs that Londoners face - with the C-Charge coming under particular attack.  The consensus, then: anything Boris can do to lower the burden would be alright by us.

Of course, Team Boris will be more than aware of all this.  But it's worth repeating nonetheless, and I'm sure CCHQ will be doing so with great frequency.  After all, the 10p tax row has - to some extent - spun the Left-Right divide on its head. The Tories now have the perfect opportunity to be seen as the party of the low-income earner. And - speaking strategically - Boris is the vanguard of this process.  If he can fight the good fight for over-burdened Londoners, then I'm sure the clientèle of Jose's cafe will be far happier to vote Tory in 2010.