Janet De-Botton

Bridge | 6 August 2015

Bridge | 6 August 2015
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Sweden’s flagship event is the brilliantly well organised Chairman’s Cup held in Orebro, attracting great players from all over Europe.  Unfortunately I couldn’t go so I had to content myself with watching on BBO. The final was riveting — a Swedish team of Juniors, plus the Dutch champion Marion Michielsen, eventually succumbing in the last set to a team of Polish Juniors. On this hand, Piotr Zatorski claimed a huge swing for his side by finding a way to nine tricks in a no-play 3NT.

North probably wasn’t worth more than 2NT at his second go, but juniors are juniors, and they love overbidding.

West led a fourth best Heart, won in dummy. With only five winners on top, tricks had to come from somewhere, and Piotr confidently called for the King of Clubs as his first move.

Had East taken this and shifted to a Spade, the defence would have taken six swift tricks but, not unreasonably, East ducked both the first and second Club, and West won with her Queen.

West took some time about her return, clearly thinking of a Spade shift, but eventually played a second Heart to dummy. Declarer played a Diamond to hand and finessed the Jack, followed by the Ace. Good news! If he could only get to hand with the King of Spades, he actually had nine tricks; four Diamonds, three Hearts and two Black tricks.

Piotr was convinced that West’s failure to play a Spade indicated that the Ace was offside, so he elected to throw her in with two rounds of Hearts. West could cash another heart, but then had to lead away from her Ace of Spades, and Piotr had a miracle result and the trophy.