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Brown’s biographer says people who don’t treat their staff properly aren’t fit to be Prime Minister

Brown's biographer says people who don't treat their staff properly aren't fit to be Prime Minister
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Paul Routledge in today’s Daily Mirror:

“David Cameron is no different to Thatcher. He is – and I’m afraid you have to accept my word for this – a crap employer. And anybody who does not treat his staff properly is, to my mind, not fit to employ the nation and run the country.”

Charles Moore
in this week’s Spectator:

“I recently met a man who entered a room containing the Prime Minister and found himself ducking to avoid a mug Mr Brown had hurled not at him, but at an official who was just leaving.”


PS Just to be clear, those who worked for Thatcher generally talk about her being a kind and caring employer. It was her colleagues who were more likely to hear the rough side of her tongue. As for Cameron, one hears that he has occasional flashes of temper but nothing on the Brown scale.


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James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.

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