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Budget roundup

Budget roundup
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The consensus in today's papers?  That yesterday's Budget was unexciting.  No surprises.  No radical policy ideas.  A "safe Budget", according to the FT.  Or just plain "dull", as the Guardian less-charitably puts it.

Many concentrate on the booze price hikes, with the Times calling it the "hangover Budget".  And there's some consternation at defence spending and business taxation.

The Telegraph lands some strong blows.  Jeff Randall does a good demolition job on the public finances.  Iain Martin highlights just how bad yesterday's Budget – and the past decade – was for the middle classes.  Whilst Charles Clover dispels the idea that this was a "green Budget".

And, as always, Steve Richards is well-worth reading in the Independent.

A final link: do check out Daniel Finkelstein's video chat with Anatole Kaletsky.  According to Kaletsky it's the “fingers-crossed Budget”.