Rod Liddle

Bullying: no-one cares

Bullying: no-one cares
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So now we know the full extent of the Prime Ministerial bullying. Did he whip, flay or pummel his staff? Did he pick on them relentlessly, or spit at them or try to force them to have sexual intercourse with him while he growled about having saved the world? Did he swear at them in a nasty manner? Nope, according to the latest revelation Gordon Brown was responsible for the following outrage: he pushed past a civil servant with his arm on the stairs while saying “get out of the way” in a rather brusque manner, once, when he was in a hurry. Doesn’t this make you worry about the sorts of people we have as civil servants these days?

Meanwhile an opinion poll has suggested that the bullying accusations have had not the slightest definitive impact upon voting intention. In a Yougov poll, nine per cent of the public said they were slightly less likely to vote Labour as a consequence, while the same proportion said they were slightly more likely to vote Labour as a consequence.

And a poll for The Sunday Times puts the Tories only two per cent ahead. This sort of toss will not win Cameron the election.