James Forsyth

Cable won’t be Coalition candidate for Mayor

Cable won't be Coalition candidate for Mayor
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The most bizarre story of the day is Michael Crick’s post saying that in Number 10 there’s discussion of Vince Cable running as a Coalition candidate for Mayor of London. Now, I’d be totally shocked if this was to happen and have made some calls it still strikes me as thoroughly unlikely. The three main reasons for this are that Boris Johnson wants to run for re-election, the coalition would be taking a massive risk to test its electoral popularity in this way (imagine if Labour won) and taking Cable out of the Cabinet would unbalance the coalition.

On the London mayor front, we’ll know who the Labour candidate is on the 25th of September—the result will be announced at the same time as that of the Labour leadership election. At the moment, Ken Livingstone appears to be on course for a very comfortable victory.