Peter Hoskin

Cameron planning to set out “fine print” of spending cuts before election

Cameron planning to set out "fine print" of spending cuts before election
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I've just got round to reading the Economist's interview with David Cameron, and this passage jumped out at me:

"If a fiscal squeeze is on its way the Tories will want to win a mandate for it. 'Getting the deficit under control will make or break my government,' he admits. Accordingly, more fine print will emerge before the election. But by accepting the principle that spending must fall, Mr Cameron says he has already been braver than the government. 'I can’t think of an opposition party going into an election promising spending cuts since 1929.'"

It's crucial for the Tories that they set out more "fine print" in advance.  The next government needs to show not only that they have the will to deal with Brown's debt crisis, but that they have a mandate for it too.

UPDATE: Paul Waugh has honed in on the "my government" part of this quote, asking: does it sound a bit complacent?