Daniel Korski

Cameron’s Clause 4 moment

Cameron's Clause 4 moment
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David Cameron never really had a Clause 4 moment. True, the Conservatives never believed

anything so absurd as socialist economics. But the fact that he never had a genuine dust-up with his party made many voters think that he had rebranded but not reoriented them. In the end, it made

many would-be supporters wary of voting Tory.

Now, the Tory leader may have a Clause 4 moment thrust upon him by virtue of the Lib Dem talks. For if a Con-Lib pact is to be made, it will include a lot of things the party finds unpalatable.

Like Tony Blair's experience with the Labour Party over the Clause 4 discussions, some in the Conservative party will try to hold out against a coalition agreement and any compromise on Tory

policies. A small minority may even try to rally against Team Cameron.

But as with Labour, the process may prove quite electorally beneficial, with the Tories able to govern and show sceptical would-be supporters that they have changed and not just improved their PR.