David Blackburn

Cameron’s intervention causes uproar

Cameron's intervention causes uproar
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Iain Dale has news of fresh ruptures in the Tories’ controversial European grouping. Here are the details:

‘Last week David Cameron held a meeting at Number Ten with the Polish presidential candidate, Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the leader of the Conservatives & Reformist group in the European Parliament, Michal Kaminski. Kaminski was rather surprised to find that the leader of Conservative MEPs, Timothy Kirkhope also turned up. It soon became clear as to why. After Kaczynski left, Cameron told Kaminski that he wanted him and Kirkhope to have a joint chairmanship of the Reformist Group for the next five years. Kaminski was, according to one source, left "gobsmacked".

Yesterday afternoon Kirkhope reported these events back to the group's MEP members in Strasburg. One source said there was "uproar". Another said that "uproar" may be putting it too strongly but "people aren't very happy - it's supposed to be a democratic process".’