James Forsyth

Can the Greens make good on the yellow’s broken promises?

Can the Greens make good on the yellow's broken promises?
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One consequence of coalition and the student fees row is, as Nick Clegg said this morning, that the Lib Dems will be more careful about what they sign up to at the next election. This will create political space for a party that is prepared to advocate populist but unrealistic policies such as abolishing tuition fees. I strongly suspect that Labour will choose not to occupy this space, appearing credible will still be the most important thing to them.

So, this raises the question of who will try and move into this slot? UKIP aren't ideologically suited to it, although Farage is a canny enough operator that little can be ruled out. But I suspect that it will be the Greens who take over this and other issues that the Lib Dems used to champion. One of the intriguing questions of the next election is whether these positions can be converted into votes.