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Champagne breakfast

Champagne breakfast
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Now, this one you can't blame me for. On my way to breakfast this morning I passed Osborne perched in front of a camera waiting to be interviewed. Then, walking towards him, a waiter in a bow tie, with a tray and two glasses of champagne. It was, I will wager, Her Majesty's Daily Mirror on a stunt, and only two metres from success.

Osborne's aides looked stunned: what to do? I was just passing the "waiter" myself at this point, and was tempted to swipe a glass - hair of the dog - but one of his press people had done just that. He was followed by cameramen, all asking "why have you just stolen that champagne?"  But, no fear, the waiter had another glass. A second Osborne aide goes to nick the tray. Undaunted, the "waiter" picks up a glass and heads towards Osborne.

Then, the surest sign that the Tories are heading towards power. A policeman walks up and confronts the waiter. On what grounds, you might ask? On any of about 101 that Labour has introduced to interfere with our lives. Osborne had the decency to look annoyed, as if he had quite wanted a glass.

PS. I’ve just had a coffee with Osborne and have learned that whatever was in the glass came out of a Heineken can.  Cheapskates.

PPS. A Shadow Cabinet member told me earlier that the New Statesman were only offering champagne at their reception at Tory conference – thus ensuring that any Tory who was thirsty had no choice but to take the flute. What is it the left have with champagne?

PPPS I learn that the drink they had to serve him was "lager toff" - like lager tops but with champagne added instead of lemonade. whoever said journalistic endeavour was dead?

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Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

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