Theo Hobson

Channel 4’s Sex Box is far more damaging to British culture than Islamism

Channel 4's Sex Box is far more damaging to British culture than Islamism
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Last night Channel 4 broadcast a programme by Trevor Phillips, in which he worried about the integration of British Muslims. He suggested that we should switch to a policy of ‘active integration’.

The night before, at the same time of 10pm, Channel 4 broadcast a programme in which the merits of having sex with a complete stranger were discussed. Some people find it very liberating, a sexpert explained, as a thrilled audience of thickos tittered. Yes I know – I wrote about Sex Box last week – one more strike and I’m officially volunteering to be the new Mary Whitehouse.

My point is that sensationalist TV is guilty of falsifying who we are as a nation in a way that alienates people with traditional moral views. I consider the makers of that programme a greater threat to British culture than any peddler of Islamist propaganda. If I were somewhat detached from mainstream British culture and saw that show, I would assume that it was more representative of British culture than it is, and would feel the need to build high walls to protect me from it. Perhaps Trevor Phillips feels that British Muslims should be encouraged to watch Channel 4. But maybe they already do – and that’s the problem.