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Charlotte Church takes her anti-austerity message to Glastonbury

Last week festival goers were disappointed to learn that Foo Fighters had cancelled their headline slot at Glastonbury. While bookies were quick to offer odds on the different musical giants who could take their place at the music festival which takes places this weekend, the organisers ended up simply moving Florence and the Machine, who were already performing at the festival, up to the headline slot.

However, fans who were keen for a new act can at least take heart that another artist has been added to the line-up. Step forward Charlotte Church. The classical singer turned anti-austerity ‘prosecco socialist‘ will now appear at the festival on Sunday in a Left Field debate to talk about politics. Church will be joined by Ken Livingstone, Molly Scott Cato, Pat Kane and Shami Chakrabarti to discuss the ‘calamitous change’ the next five years could bring:

‘The next 5 years threaten calamitous change – the NHS could be privatised, the unions outlawed, the UK dissolved and England become an independent country outside the EU.’

The move comes after she attended the anti-austerity march in London over the weekend, where she shared a stage with her fellow millionaire Russell Brand, who received a less than warm welcome.

While there is no word yet on the festival’s prosecco stocks ahead of her arrival, Mr S is glad to see Church is already getting into the anti-austerity spirit by taking her message to a festival which charges £225 per ticket. No cuts here.


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