Chris Williamson rebrands as Labour’s attack fox

Chris Williamson rebrands as Labour's attack fox
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The news that Chris Williamson has resigned from the Labour front bench has been met with dismay by Conservative MPs who quite enjoyed his calls to double council tax on some of the highest-value properties.

However, fear not, Williamson will continue to play a pivotal role in Corbyn's Labour. In an interview with Corbynista site Skwawkbox (natch), Williamson lifts the lid on his new role – as requested by the Labour leader. he will be using his background as a 'hunt saboteur' to work on the party's environmental stance:

'Jeremy has also asked me to develop our thinking around environmental and animal rights issues, in line with my background as a hunt saboteur.'

With the Tories attempting to rebrand as the party of the environment (ditching fox hunting and single use plastics in the process), this is bound to be fun...