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CoffeeHousers’ Wall, 6 July - 12 July

CoffeeHousers' Wall, 6 July - 12 July
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Welcome to the latest CoffeeHousers' Wall. For those who haven't come across the Wall before, it's a post we put up each Monday, on which – provided your writing isn’t libellous, crammed with swearing, or offensive to common decency – you’ll be able to say whatever you like in the comments section.

There is no topic, so there’s no need to stay ‘on topic’ – which means you’ll be able to debate with each other more freely and extensively. There’s also no constraint on the length of what you write – so, in effect, you can become Coffee House bloggers. Anything’s fair game – from political stories in your local paper, to chat about the latest football results.

But, more than anything, we want this Wall to become a means of better communication between the Coffee House team and you, the readers. If you want us to write on anything in particular – add a comment to the Wall. If you want to ask us any questions – add a comment to the Wall. If you have any thoughts about this feature – add a comment to the Wall. The Coffee House team will do its best to get involved in the conversations that you start.

To give the Wall a splash of colour, you can even send your photos and videos in to phoskin @ and we’ll select the best to put at the top of the post. Any pictures of polticians doing the constituency rounds? Any videos of interesting debates? Do send them in.

You can access this Wall throughout the week by clicking on the Wall button on the righthand side of any Coffee House page.



The shed was erected (sic) by one of the previous owners of my house not long after NuLab came to power. I see it as metaphor for the decline/current state of the country in that it leans backwards and to the left. It wasn't built on a solid foundation, the floor was undermined by rats, the joists have rotted and the roof leaks. In addition, since Gordon took the helm of GB Titanic it has taken on a billious green hue which I can only assume is the shed equivalent of gangrene.  I doubt whether it'll see another spring --- EC



A scene near Grassington, N Yorkshire --- Dogsnob



A couple of photos from my trip with Mrs. H around an unseasonal New England --- Hysteria



This photo dates from 1980. It was a shed (in a house I had just bought) which marked the decline of the last Labour government headed by Jim Callaghan. It will serve as a metaphor for, and timely reminder of,  the 1970s. Shortly after it was demolished and replaced by something more substantial --- oldtimer



Tavistock Square 8.47 AM 7th July 2009. An hour later, four years ago, 13 of my fellow Londoners would be blown pieces on a No 30 double-decker bus, on this spot, by young British man with a perverted set of religious beliefs --- THX1138