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Reading the blogosphere must often be a frustrating business for David Cameron. But I gather a more supportive site is on the way. Fiona Melville, a member of his leadership campaign who left the party just two months ago, is working on a website which my sources tell me will have a “modern liberal Conservative view”. I hear “Platform Ten” is its working title.

A Cameroon loyalist website? It’s not funded by CCHQ, although the people involved are certainly former staffers and ex-Tory candidates. And I gather, Steve Hilton himself initiated this project seeking an alternative to ConservativeHome, which has been a little too effective at reflecting the unhappiness of many grassroots Tory activists with the Cameron leadership.

I feel a bit caddish in breaking the news - Fiona isn’t quite ready to publicise all this and rather sweetly suggested that I didn’t “really have enough to go on” for this post. But what’s a CoffeeHouse for if not gossip?

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