Martin Bright

Confession Time: I Voted Labour

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I left the Labour Party in 1994 and re-joined on May 6th 2010. There, I've said it.

I had always intended to vote Liberal Democrat in this election, but changed my mind in the polling station. It seems I wasn't alone. 

I couldn't ever quite buy in to the New Labour project, but I would like to be involved in whatever it is that happens next.  Unlike others on the left, I would not be horrified by a Conservative/Liberal Democrat government, although I would be happier with a grand coalition/government of national unity. I voted Labour with a heavy heart. My local MP, Lynne Featherstone is exemplary and the local Labour council's handling of the Baby Peter scandal was woeful.  But it is better to nail one's genuine political colours to the mast, even if it has taken me 16 years to re-fasten them.